upload your car!

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how to upload your car photo to us on instagram ?

note : that any photo without any information about it will be totally ignored
and by sending the photo to us to upload it on our instagram or twitter or our website, you agree to add our small logo to it

follow these steps on instagram and send your photo via instagram direct !


step #1
click on the icon on instagram like you wanna shear any photo with your friends



step #2

1- chose the photo you want to shear with us on @onlyGTR page on instagram
2- click next




step #3
click next after adding ya filters and we prefer it without any filter 😛




step #4
1- click on direct
Note : in the caption area write some information about your car use the template  below
agree ” so we know you been reading this page ”
car model / year :
horse powers :
country / city:
more details :
2- search for : onlygtr
3- or chose onlygtr if you are one of our followers ♥
4- after checking everything click on send 😀




you can use this tutorial also with your friends :3

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