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Scientists have found the first ever conclusive link between gut microbes and the development of Parkinson’s like movement disorders in mice.’The discovery that changes in the microbiome may be involved in Parkinson’s disease is a paradigm shift and opens entirely new possibilities for treating patients.’Parkinson’s disease affects an estimated one million people and 1 percent of the United States population over 60 years of age.The disease is caused Cheap Jerseys by the accumulation of abnormally shaped synuclein proteins in neurons, leading to particularly toxic effects in dopamine releasing cells located in brain regions that control movement.As a result, patients experience debilitating symptoms such as tremors, muscle stiffness, slowness of movement, and impaired gait.Currently, therapies focus on increasing dopamine levels in the brain.However, these treatments can cause serious side effects and often lose effectiveness over time.Patients with Parkinson’s disease have an altered gut microbiome, and gastrointestinal problems such as constipation often precede motor deficits by many years in these individuals.Moreover, gut microbes have been shown to influence neuronal development, cognitive abilities, anxiety, depression, and autism.However, experimental evidence supporting a role for gut microbes in neurodegenerative diseases has been lacking.The researchers raised genetically modified mice with a Parkinson’s like disease either in normal, non sterile cages or in a germ free environment.Mice raised in the germ free cages displayed fewer motor deficits and reducedaccumulation of misfolded protein aggregates in brain regions involved in controlling movement.In fact, these mice showed almost normal performance on tasks such as traversing a beam, removing an adhesive from their nose, and climbing down a pole.Antibiotic treatment had a similar effect as the germ free environment on ameliorating motor symptoms in mice predisposed to Parkinson’s like wholesale jerseys disorders.By contrast, mice raised in the germ free cages showed worse motor symptoms when they either were treated with microbial metabolites called short chain fatty acids or received fecal transplants of gut microbes from patients with Parkinson’s disease.Taken together, NFL Wholesale Jerseys the results suggest that gut microbes exacerbate motor symptoms by creating an environment that could favor the accumulation of misfolded protein aggregates.It is wholesale jerseys china important to note that, in this study, gut microbes cooperate with a specific genetic factor to influence the risk for developing Parkinson’s disease.Other genetic and environmental factors, such as pesticide exposure, also play a role in the disease.However, antibiotics or fecal microbe transplants are far from being viable therapies at cheap football jerseys this time.’Long Cheap NFL Jerseys term, high strength antibiotic use, like we utilized in this study, comes with significant risk to humans, such as defects in immune and metabolic function,’ Sampson cautions.

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